Söder threatens to sue Bavaria against state financial equalization

Bayern has threatened a new lawsuit against the state financial equalization system. The fact that his federal state had to pay 60 percent of the financial equalization and thus nine billion euros was unacceptable, said Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU) on Wednesday on the sidelines of a closed conference of the CSU state parliamentary group in the Franconian monastery of Banz. "We cannot accept that," said Söder. Therefore, a lawsuit is being examined again - "in the next few months" there should be a decision.

Already had in 2013 Bavaria - at that time together with Hesse - brought an action against the state financial equalization on the way. In 2017, the two countries withdrew the lawsuit after negotiations. Söder said that without the agreement at that time, Bavaria would have to pay ten billion euros and even more.

But the current amount is no longer acceptable. "In my view, this is an attack on federalism," said Söder. It is also not an election campaign maneuver a year before the state elections in Bavaria. The other donor countries would also gradually begin to think about the system.

The CSU state parliamentary group unanimously nominated Söder on Wednesday as their top candidate for the state elections in a year. The party leader should CSU also lead into the next legislative period, said parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer on the sidelines of the closed conference.

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