Söder rejects the chancellery’s draft for a conference of prime ministers

Dhe CSU chairman Markus Soder rejected the Federal Chancellery’s draft for the Prime Ministers’ Conference on Wednesday as completely inadequate. There is a “great disappointment” with him and also with other prime ministers about the draft sent to the federal states on Monday, Söder said on Monday after a CSU board meeting to journalists in Munich. “A sentence with an X was probably nothing, nothing at all,” said Söder.

The proposed text of Chancellery have neither taken up the decisions of the finance ministers of the federal states nor those of the transport ministers. He also does not go into the immensely increasing costs for the issue of asylum. If it stayed that way, the present resolution would have a zero value, said Söder. “That would be a pure, stubborn way to continue as it has been for weeks.” If the federal states should continue to pay without being able to have a say, this is not acceptable.

“It takes a big hit – immediately instead of ideology”

Söder sharply attacked the federal government as a whole. “The government argues, but it doesn’t do enough,” he said. Actually, the traffic light coalition should now give the people in Germany security, but they remain “in bickering among themselves”. “It takes a big hit – and now instead of ideology.”

The CSU board of directors decided on a ten-point plan as its own concept. In this calls for the CSU among other things, a cap on gas, electricity and fuel prices and the reactivation of all coal-fired power plants in Germany. According to Söder, a total of up to 16 other power plants could be reactivated. In addition, the CSU called for a rescue package for municipal utilities and for social institutions such as hospitals or care facilities and a reduction in VAT on food to seven percent.

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