Society: Stark-Watzinger: No school closures due to the energy crisis

Stark-Watzinger: No school closures due to the energy crisis

The gym of a school in Hamburg.  Photo: picture alliance / dpa

The gym of a school in Hamburg. photo

© picture alliance / dpa

"As much normality as possible" - according to Minister of Education Stark-Watzinger, this should prevail in schools and sports facilities, despite the current uncertainty with regard to the energy supply.

According to the Federal Education Minister, schools and universities are allowed to Bettina Stark-Watzinger not be closed due to the energy crisis. "It must not happen that schools close because the energy supply is running out," said the FDP politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group. "Closing universities should not be an option either. Here, too, we need as much normality as possible," the minister warned.

Stark-Watzinger pointed out that schools would be given priority by the Federal Network Agency should a gas shortage occur. Schools should also be exempt from additional energy saving measures such as lowering the room temperature. "The children should not freeze." When asked whether gyms and swimming pools would remain open, the minister replied: "School sports must take place, of course. That must be guaranteed by the federal states and municipalities."

At the same time, Stark-Watzinger called on schoolchildren to campaign for a better education system in view of the Fridays for Future climate demonstrations. "When I see the lack of teachers, which is a big problem, I ask myself why there aren't actually Fridays for Education," said the FDP politician. School education in Germany is a matter for the federal states.


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