Social network: Ex-minister of health Spahn: Twitter puts you in a bad mood

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Ex-Health Minister Spahn: Twitter puts you in a bad mood

Jens Spahn is a former Federal Minister of Health.  Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Jens Spahn is a former Federal Minister of Health. photo

© Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Ex-Health Minister Jens Spahn has uninstalled Twitter from his cell phone. Constantly trawling through the app is like a "minor addiction" - and also puts you in a bad mood.

According to his own statements, the former Health Minister Jens Spahn is not a great friend of the social network Twitter. "It puts you in a bad mood," said the CDU politician in the podcast "Die Wochentester" of the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" and the editorial network Germany.

He himself no longer has the app on his mobile. "If every time you get in the car, stand in the elevator, have a quiet second, look on Twitter first, it's almost a little addiction, and see what's going on again? Unconsciously, it makes it real in a bad mood," he said. "I was in a better mood after I got rid of Twitter on my phone."

He also noticed that the topics on Twitter were very one-sided and often had little to do with real broad-based debates. He had "sometimes had three shitstorms in parallel" "because some statement or any political activity (...) didn't please part of the Twitter bubble". On site in the constituencies, however, he then experienced that the topics of the events and discussions were not the Twitter topics.

spanishwho was Federal Minister of Health from 2018 to 2021, has just published the book "We will have to forgive each other a lot. How the pandemic has changed us - and what it teaches us for the future".


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