Social media trend in Iran: teenagers hurl turbans off clergymen’s heads

Watch the video: Iranian social media trend – teenagers hurl turbans off clergymen’s heads.

It looks like an ordinary teenage prank. But these videos have a serious background. Clips from Iran are circulating on social networks, showing young people throwing the turbans off clergymen’s heads. The social media trend is an expression of the protest against the mullah regime in the Muslim country.

Since September, people in Iran have been protesting for freedom and against the constraints of the clerical regime. The trigger was the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old was arrested by the morality police in Tehran because she refused to wear a headscarf. These so-called moral police in Iran monitor compliance with Islamic law in the country. The death of the young woman gave many people reason to rebel against the regime. Violent clashes broke out and protesters were arrested. Exact information on the number of victims is not possible, as independent reporters and media are not allowed to report from the country.

Despite a ban on demonstrations, people continue to take to the streets. Most recently, the head of the Revolutionary Guards threatens to use the military against the demonstrators. In this mixed situation, the prank, which is developing into a social media trend, seems like a courageous sign against the regime. The New York-based Iranian journalist Masih Alinejahd, who opposes the headscarf ban in Iran with the “My Stealhy Freedom” movement, shares a video of the action. She writes about it.

“If you really want to know why tearing off clergymen’s turbans has become something of a sport in Iran, just watch this video. Then you understand the anger of teenagers. For years, clerics have been harassing women on the streets because of the hijab.”

In the video you can see various situations in which religious women point out to put on their headscarves properly.
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