Social Democrats strongest in elections in Sweden

DAccording to initial forecasts, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s Social Democrats were clearly the strongest party in Sweden’s parliamentary elections. The party received about 29.3 percent of the vote, according to the Swedish broadcaster SVT on Sunday. The right-wing populist Sweden Democrats came to about 20.5 percent – they are on the way to a record result and will probably be the second strongest political force in the Reichstag in Stockholm for the first time. According to the information, Ulf Kristersson’s moderates were 18.8 percent. That would be her worst result since 2002.

It was initially unclear which political camp would ultimately have the majority of seats on its side – Andersson’s side was at 49.8 percent just ahead of Kristersson’s right-wing conservative block, including the Sweden Democrats, at 49.2 percent. The broadcaster TV4 saw Andersson’s camp a little more clearly ahead.

Polls had seen the two camps almost level even before election day. In the parliamentary election four years ago, the first forecasts sometimes deviated by several percentage points from the final election result – the moderates were able to overtake the Sweden Democrats in the end.

So far only minority government has been possible

Partial results that the electoral authority wanted to publish gradually on the evening of the election could provide more clarity. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, the Scandinavian EU country is likely to face a lengthy government formation, as it did after the 2018 election, as the parties within the blocs also disagree on several issues.

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