Soccer World Cup 2022: expensive watches from Qatar

2013 in Qatar: Karl Heinz Rummenigge from FC Bayern Munich next to Hassan Al-Thawadi, Secretary General of the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee
Image: picture alliance / dpa

You just have to like Qatar, especially the gifts from the emirate. Sometimes it’s watches, sometimes millions of euros. If you don’t believe it, ask FC Bayern.

ZDF watched this week. Then found it difficult to fall asleep. thoughts race. Bad suspicion: Qatar pays insane millions to FC Bayern so that FC Bayern thinks Qatar is insanely good. It will probably be announced before the World Cup opening game that Qatar is hosting the World Cup so that the whole world will like Qatar.

And then? Christmas. Hallelujah! On the other hand, what should you give? Quickly looked at the sales channel. Strange. Wasn’t it called something else? When the journalist colleague enters the watch boutique, the ZDF logo can be seen again. Qatar again. What’s on offer?

[Um Schleichwerbung zu vermeiden, denken Sie nun bitte an eine sehr teure und bekannte Schweizer Uhrenmarke Ihrer Wahl.] The colleague presents two wonderful models. The lady is wearing Black Zebra, for the President there is the President model. But let’s be honest: that’s what every football CEO does. Who could resist?

By the way: The recommendation dates back to 2013. It doesn’t matter, some things never change. Elegance is timeless. Gifts must be declared when brought in carry-on baggage. And football is a purchase.

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