SME merger consultant for SMEs splits off from Saxenhammer

SME merger consultant for SMEs splits off from Saxenhammer

IA new provider is appearing in merger consulting for medium-sized companies, which according to its own specifications should become the European market leader. Saxenhammer’s digital team is splitting off under the name Zumera, as its manager Felix Engelhardt announced to the FAZ. He is currently managing director alongside managing partner Christian Saxenhammer.

The digital team was formed two years ago. According to Engelhardt, it now includes 30 of a good 50 employees and achieves “significantly more than 50 percent” of Saxenhammer’s revenues. Zumera will focus on transactions in the range of EUR 10m to EUR 100m. “The goal is to become number one in Europe.” To achieve this, the workforce is to grow to 60 members.

Little known but active consultant

According to Mergermarket, Saxenhammer ranked eighth on the German merger market in terms of the number of transactions in 2022, ahead of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. The digital team works with a digitized process that essentially gives more employees access to information. The prerequisite is a fee system in which individuals do not receive particularly high shares for the acquisition and execution of mandates, as is usually the case.

Zumera and Saxenhammer appear as competitors, even if Christian Saxenhammer “initially” holds 45 percent of Zumera, as Engelhardt said. Engelhardt, his colleagues Marian Gerster and Philipp Köppe will each hold 15 percent, a fourth comes from outside and receives 10 percent.

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