Small Houses: Small can be so beautiful

Small Houses: Small can be so beautiful

How little space do people need to live? This question is not new. But it is becoming more and more urgent. There are a number of reasons for this. The growing world population is leading to increased competition for housing and land. The associated rising costs are added to this. Environmental compatibility requirements also play a significant role.

The architectural answer to this question is: small houses. The trend towards small houses can be seen worldwide – from New Zealand to California. While some countries, such as Japan, have a long tradition of living in smaller spaces, trends in this direction have only developed in other regions in recent years. The so-called Tiny House movement has established itself particularly in the USA.

Living in close quarters, living with the potential for instability of the earth – against this backdrop, huge estates that last for generations seem to be a thing of the past. “Today the question is no longer: How big should my house be? But rather: How small should my house be?” writes Philip Jodidio in the introduction to his new work, which he is entitled “Homes for our Time: Small Houses”. baptized.

Future of architecture, future of mankind?

In the opulent illustrated book, he presents the work of those architects who have dedicated themselves to the task of accommodating modern comfort in ever smaller spaces. “Formed in the crucible of trifles, they are ready to prove that the necessary talents of a true architect have nothing to do with the size of a project,” is how Jodidio describes the “stars of tomorrow” whose works he has selected for his book.

“Without arrogance or exaggerated certainty, it can be said that this book is fundamentally about the future of architecture and, daringly allow me, also about the future of mankind,” asserts the author. “Learn to live in a smaller house, learn to use fewer resources and be content with what you have,” is his message, which Jodidio formulates in three languages. The illustrated book is written throughout in German, English and French. The silver letters shine elegantly on the black pages in portrait format.

With a specific focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly construction methods, Jodidio presents daring visions of small houses around the world.

“Homes for our Time: Small Houses” by Philip Jodidio, 424 pages, published by Taschen Verlag. Price: 60 euros.

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