Ski jumping: Althaus: “It’s not easy for me before competitions”

Ski jumping: Althaus: “It’s not easy for me before competitions”

ski jumping
Althaus: “It’s not easy for me before competitions”

World champion on the normal hill: Katharina Althaus.  Photo: Daniel Karmann/dpa

World champion on the normal hill: Katharina Althaus. photo

© Daniel Karmann/dpa

At the Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica, ski jumper Katharina Althaus celebrates the greatest success of her career so far. A whole fan bus is supposed to come to the next individual competition.

ski jumper Catherine Althaus commented after her gold medal at the World Championships in Planica, Slovenia, in the mixed zone. A selection of quotes:

Althaus to her teammates:

“I’m very, very grateful that they are always there for me. I know it’s not easy with me in front of them competitionsbecause I’ve always been nervous. But that also takes a bit. They were just there for me, kept their fingers crossed for me and talked to me well. A big thank you to the whole team.”

Althaus on her ability to concentrate:

“As soon as I put on the skis, I’m completely with myself, I know exactly what I have to do. Everything just fell into place today.”

Althaus for the support of her family:

“They are all at home, but come to the large hill competition and cheer. My fiancé was at my family’s house. A whole bus comes to the large hill from Schöllang, the village where I come from.”

Althaus on the difference between the medal and the gold medals in mixed and team:

“Every medal has something of its own. Winning in a team is super awesome. But it’s just different on your own, because nobody can tear it out. If the jump doesn’t fit, then you’re not at the top. It’s the same with a team sometimes a bit off when someone jumps better.”

Althaus on her three second places at major events:

“It wasn’t in my head at all, because I think to myself: before I finish fourth, fifth, sixth, I’d rather be second. That’s why I would have been happy about another medal. But of course it’s much better that way, that it’s just worked once and luck was on my side. I’ve often come close to second – but not today.”

Althaus on the difference at the World Championships for jumping in Willingen in front of more than 20,000 spectators:

“I have to be honest: I would have thought that there might be a little more going on. But we still have three competitions. Hopefully the booth will be fuller, especially in the mixed men’s event.”

Althaus on thinking about her career path:

“Yes, I’m just grateful for everyone who walked the path with me, always helped me, was always there for me and always believed in me. It doesn’t matter whether in the team or around it – my family and my fiancé. Me I’ve been around for so long, but somehow I’m still learning year after year. Every year I learn to appreciate what I still have around me with the team, my family and my friends even more.”


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