"Skate Fever - Stars on roller skates": New RTLzwei show is in the starting blocks

"Skate Fever - Stars on Roller Skates"
New RTLzwei show is in the starting blocks

The participating celebrities from "Skate Fever - Stars on roller skates".

The participating celebrities from "Skate Fever - Stars on Roller Skates".

© RTLZWEI/Marc Bremer

From October, 16 celebrities will roll together for "Skate Fever" in front of the camera. The pairings and the exact start date are now set.

Numerous German celebrities have already been able to prove their dancing talent on conventional parquet and on ice - or have had to sit on the bottom of their trousers. In the upcoming RTLzwei format “Skate Fever – Stars auf roller skatesThe name already indicates that the 16 participating celebrities could often make acquaintance with gravity. In the meantime, the broadcaster has also revealed when the celebrities will hopefully not be too shaky: the kick-off of "Skate Fever" is on June 10 October at prime time at 8:15 p.m. (also via RTL+), the other episodes always follow on Mondays at the same time.

The pairs are now fixed

Unlike the dance show top dog "Let's Dance", "Skate Fever" does not occur celebrities next to professionals, but pure star pairings. Exactly these have now also been revealed by the broadcaster. Ex-"Bachelor" Andrej Mangold (35) tries together with pop singer Anna-Carina Woitschack (29). Ex-professional footballer Thorsten Legat (53) meanwhile dances with former "GNTM" participant Gisele Oppermann (34).

Viva veteran Gülcan Kamps (40) swirls with the "DSDS" winner from 2016, Prince Damien (31). The others pairings: Comedian Janina Korn (39) and "Prince Charming" candidate Manfred Karácsonyi (35), ex-"Cologne 50667" star Janine Pink (35) and "Bares for Rares" specialist Walter Lehnertz (55), "Love Island "-Candidate Adriano Salvaggio and "GNTM" darling Klaudia Giez (26), ex-"Miss Hessen" Linda Nobat (27) and ex-swimming world champion Thomas Rupprath (45) as well as Melissa Damilia (26) and Tobias Wegener (29) as pure "Love Island" team.

Jury and challenges decide

In order to look as good as possible in front of the three-person jury, the roller skating newcomers are coached by "Starlight Express" professionals, among others. The points awarded in "Skate Fever" dancer and choreographer Detlef "D!" Soost (52), roller skate expert Constance Hossfeld-Seedorf and "Queer Eye" star Avi Jakobs.

Even with the new show, it's not just about the jury's rating. Instead of like "let's dance"However, in order to get points by viewer voting, the candidates have to work out the additional points in challenges. The couple that scores the fewest points from both disciplines must roll off at the end of each episode. There will be five motto shows, episode six forms the final.


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