Shots at the FDP district council in Göppingen: Can’t be a random act

Shots at the FDP district council in Göppingen: Can’t be a random act

ISeveral bullet holes can be seen in a window pane of the Uhlandhof. Around four o’clock on Sunday, an unknown and currently fugitive perpetrator opened fire on the 67-year-old FDP district councilor and farmer Georg Gallus. The politician was seriously injured. He had to be treated and operated on in the Göppingen Alb-Fils clinics.

According to the police and public prosecutor’s office in Ulm, Gallus is now out of danger. At the State Criminal Police Office Stuttgart forensic traces are now being evaluated. In the meantime, an investigation group has been formed, because in the Stuttgart region there have been several mysterious gunshot attacks in Donzdorf, Eislingen, Plochingen, Ostfildern and in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in the past few weeks: only last Friday in the outer district of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen was a man seriously injured by shots been injured, previously there were injuries in Eislingen and Plochingen.

The FDP politician Georg Gallus is the son of the former State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture Georg Gallus senior. The pugnacious national-liberal FDP politician died in August 2021. In 2011 he had asked the then FDP federal chairman Guido Westerwelle to resign and FDP Left in 2012 after the party advocated adopting rights for same-sex couples.

His son, who has been a member of the FDP for 50 years, is also considered a controversial politician in the Göppingen district. The Greens, for example, say: “He is a Swabian brawler, with a strong opinion of his own, but never malicious.” The FDP district chairman Armin Koch told the FAZ: “We are completely shocked. It can’t be a coincidence, you don’t drive to the Uhlandhof by accident.”

The company, which specializes in the cultivation and marketing of Christmas trees, is around 15 kilometers from downtown Göppingen. The investigators consider a political motive to be unlikely. Whether there is a connection to the other shooting attacks should be clarified by analyzing traces and interviewing witnesses. “In the Gallus case, we have no letter of confession and no indication of a robbery,” said the Ulm public prosecutor.

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