Shift to the right: Anke Engelke speaks openly about “concerns”

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Anke Engelke speaks openly about “worries”

Like many citizens in Germany, Anke Engelke is worried.

Like many citizens in Germany, Anke Engelke is worried.

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Anke Engelke speaks openly about her “concerns”. She mentions, among other things, the war in Ukraine and the climate catastrophe.

Anke Engelke (56) is best known as a happy nature and comedian. But she is also “worried” about the current situation, as she explains in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”. “Of course I’m worried, as are probably many people,” said the actress. “In addition to the pandemic, which we don’t seem to be able to get under control, the war in Ukraine and the still urgent issue of climate catastrophe, we are concerned not only with price increases for gas and electricity, but also rising rents, rising poverty and rising inflation are suddenly more pressing problems than ever,” she summarizes.

“I know that I’m privileged, but of course these issues concern us all, as a society,” emphasizes the 56-year-old. “Of the right jerk I’m extremely depressed at the elections in Sweden and Italy,” explains Engelke. Because the “attitude there” is “cursing at each other (…) and not togetherness.” This irritates and surprises her: “Are we really that limited emotionally? that when we are in need we charge ourselves more and more negatively and get angry with each other instead of taking care of each other, being caring and helpful?” asks the actress.

Anke Engelke’s urgent appeal

Engelke wants to keep her “optimism” and “naivety and not lose hope that we can manage to change our attitude”. The 56-year-old appeals: “If we are really interested in other people’s problems, if we actively and well inform ourselves, if we don’t join in the rushing and scolding, we have the energy and strength to find solutions. We’re not single-celled idiots, we’re social empathic creatures, aren’t we? There you go.”

Anke Engelke’s docudrama “Mutter” has been running in German cinemas since Thursday (September 29), which she developed together with Carolin Schmitz (55). In it she embodies eight women between the ages of 30 and 75 who talk about their motherhood. Most recently, Engelke was seen in the film comedies “Einschluße Gesellschaft” by Sönke Wortmann (63) and “Der Onkel – The Hawk” by Helmut Köpping (55) and Michael Ostrowski (49).


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