Shania Twain low point: her husband cheated on her with his best friend

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Shania Twain: First she lost her voice, then her husband to her best friend

Shania Twain

Shania Twain knows ups and downs, not just in her voice but in life

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Shania Twain’s life is full of ups and downs. The Netflix documentary “Shania Twain – Not just a Girl” takes us on a journey through five decades of the singer. The world star has already had to overcome many strokes of fate.

“As soon as you depend on someone, you lose something”. A true sentence chosen to open the documentary about country-pop singer Shania Twain. Strongly it goes on, “above all you lose the right to decide”. That applies to twain both for professional career and for love, but more on that later.

The Canadian was drilled by her mother into making music at an early age. When she recognized her singing talent, she regularly dragged the young Shania to bars at night so that she could sing there and draw attention to herself. She grew up in an abusive household, according to Twain in the Netflix-Production. Locking herself in her room and practicing her singing, Shania Twain wanted to use music to save everyone in her family. But she didn’t succeed, her parents died in a car accident when Shania Twain was 22 years old. From then on she was responsible for looking after her younger siblings. She quickly found that singing brought her more money than a normal job. But the road was hard and required a lot of discipline. She kept the family afloat with a show engagement at the Deerhurst resort.

Shania Twain: With a lot of ambition for a world career

Over time, she found a friend and manager in Mary Bailey who would help her achieve her musical goals for decades. Twain describes how difficult it was for her to break into the county music scene at the time. “Shania Twain may not have feminist on her hat, she just did,” the documentary said. With a lot of ambition she developed a world career. But there were severe setbacks in her private life.

It got to the music producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who was instrumental in their success, and there was also a private spark between the two. They married in 1993 and had a son together in 2001. But in 2010 the marriage broke up, the singer had to make one of the worst experiences in a relationship. Her husband was unfaithful with her best friend. She found this out at a time in her life when her health was very poor.

The worst stroke of fate in her life: her husband and her best friend

She had recently contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite and suffered from dizziness, blackouts and even loss of her voice. From then on her breathing was different and she had to learn to sing again. However, she does not describe the illness as the worst low point of her life, but the double betrayal of her by two people who meant more to her than anything. “It was a whole new low point, then I didn’t even see any point in my music career anymore.” For her, this part of her life again felt like someone had died. “How am I supposed to get over this?”, were her thoughts at the time.

She lost pretty much everything in one moment of her life and says today “that she had to find herself all over again as an individual”. Going back into the studio, writing and producing songs, everything without her former music producer husband cost the singer a lot of strength. But she found her way back and herself again. In 2017, the 56-year-old released her album “Now” and now she takes her fans on Netflix on a journey through her life. A very entertaining and inspiring story of a world star who, like many other people, was given little and who was able to build a great career with hard work.


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