Settlers attack Israeli army

Settlers attack Israeli army

In Israel raises concerns about escalating violence by Jewish settlers West Bank to. The reason is that the attacks in the occupied territories are increasingly directed against Israeli security forces and civilians. On Thursday night, several dozen settlers in the town of Huwara threw stones at Palestinian cars.

Christian Meier

Political correspondent for the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

When soldiers arrived, the commander and another soldier were attacked with pepper spray, according to the army. Something similar happened later at a crossroads a few kilometers further south. The police arrested a suspect in the morning. As was later reported, he lives in a settlement and belongs to the army.

Numerous politicians condemned the attack. prime minister Jair Lapid spoke on Twitter of “dangerous criminals” who “must be held accountable without hesitation and with all severity”. They endangered the lives of soldiers and harmed Israel, Lapid wrote. Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu also criticized the attack, but warned against “staining” the entire settler community “because of the wrong actions of a few”.

Popular right-wing politician Itamar Ben-Gvir made defense minister Benny Gantz responsible for the violence. Gantz let the “heroic settlers” down. In addition, the army concealed the fact that Palestinians had thrown stones before the settlers attacked. In Israel there will be elections on November 1st.

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