Service desert Germany: why the staff is almost never to blame – Society

Delays on the train, chaos at the airport: It’s summer, nothing works, and Germany complains about the service desert. Is it always the fault of the staff? Why this is a big mistake.

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Joachim Kaeppner

Nothing good was foreseen when the train rolled into Mannheim main station and the car stopped right in front of a group of about 25 people. Young ladies and gentlemen in blue club clothing, who celebrated a greater success, as evidenced by the jointly chanted “We are the champions”. It was eleven o’clock in the morning and the sports fans were already in that state of happy drunkenness in which every word becomes even more fun when you shout it. They also brought cooler bags full of cans of beer and a blaster, which from then on filled the large car with sound. Apparently, these young people didn’t have any wokeness problems hearing the well-known “Layla” drinking song, at least they sang along enthusiastically.

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