Serious allegations from Hertha investor Lars Windhorst

En the day after the sporting success on the pitch by beating Hoffenheim 3-0, Hertha’s investor Lars Windhorst made serious allegations against the President Werner Gegenbauer asked the question of power among the Berliners. It had become clear to him that it was no longer possible “to achieve something together as a team under the leadership of Mr. Gegenbauer,” Windhorst told the TV channel “Bild” on Sunday.

Gegenbauer is not about success, but about “maintaining power”. The Hertha President treats the Bundesliga club like a “personal toy”, criticized Windhorst, who has invested around 375 million euros in the club since 2019 Hertha has invested. Questions that he wrote to the financial management “to understand what happened to the money” have not yet been answered in detail.

It was “shocking that so much money was burned in such a short time,” said Windhorst, even if Corona played a role. If you look at the numbers, it is clear “that the club definitely needs new money to survive”. In the event of a relegation, Hertha would be in “extremely serious economic difficulties”. Windhorst emphasized that there would only be new money from him under a different leadership. At that time he “saw a historic opportunity” to participate in the club in the capital and relied “on being cooperative” and pulling together: “I’m disappointed that it didn’t work.”

Windhorst demands deselection

Even if he no longer wants to work with Gegenbauer himself, the Tennor Group will not give up its investment, Windhorst assured. He was “still determined to do everything to ensure that the investment can still be a success even with a delay and much greater difficulties than expected”.

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