Series: Susan Sideropoulos celebrates “GZSZ” comeback

Series: Susan Sideropoulos celebrates “GZSZ” comeback

Susan Sideropoulos celebrates “GZSZ” comeback

After her dramatic “GZSZ” death 12 years ago, the actress returns – and also has Daniel Fehlow with her. The “GZSZ” comeback will be celebrated later this month.

Many fans have been waiting for this comeback: died in August 2011 Susan Sideropoulos in the RTL series “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” in the role of Verena Koch a dramatic serial death – now the actress is returning. The broadcaster announced this on Tuesday. Also in tow is Daniel Fehlow, who is also celebrating his comeback as Leon Moreno after a break of one and a half years.

The reunion of the “GZSZ“-Stars through “Leon – don’t believe everything you see”, a decoupling from the main series (spin-off). There Leon met Sarah Elsässer (Susan Sideropoulos) when it was broadcast in January 2022 on the Baltic Sea on Rügen, who looks amazingly similar to his wife Verena, who was killed in a traffic accident. when it comes to a “dramatic turn”, as Sideropoulos mysteriously announces on RTL.One thing is certain: After that, the two will go to Berlin – to “GZSZ”.

He says he took his time making the decision missing in the dpa interview. “I also asked Susan: ‘How do you see it if we return to ‘GZSZ’?” When the production team said how the story envisioned – and that it was only designed for a few months, it stood the decision. “At the end I said: Come on, Susan, let’s do it, we’ll rock it!”

“I’ve always said: If the story and the idea fit, I’ll be there,” Sideropoulos said in a dpa interview in 2022 before the first spin-off was broadcast on the return to the “GZSZ” cosmos. Even then, she gave the fans hope for a longer reunion: “I never say never – not even for a “GZSZ” comeback.”

Now it is time. “When I got back on set in November, the first thing I cried was joy,” Sideropoulos said RTL. The first episode with the two returnees will be broadcast on January 18 at 7:40 p.m.


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