Series exit: Christopher Kohn exits “Everything that counts”.

Series exit
Christopher Kohn gets out of “Everything that counts”.

Christopher Kohn played for more than four years "All that counts" the role of Finn Albrecht.  Photo: Henning Kaiser/dpa

For more than four years, Christopher Kohn played the role of Finn Albrecht in “Everything that counts”. photo

© Henning Kaiser/dpa

Since 2018 he has played Finn Albrecht in the RTL soap “Everything that counts”. Actor Christopher Kohn is now leaving the series. But his next project has already been decided.

Farewell to Finn Albrecht: Christopher Kohn (37) leaves the RTL soap “Everything that counts” and becomes a podcaster. As RTL announced, the actor had been with “AWZ” since 2018. “Christopher Kohn has been playing the role of Finn Albrecht in “Everything that counts” for more than four years. And that’s exactly what the fans have to say goodbye to now,” says the Cologne-based private broadcaster. “AWZ” runs on workdays at 7:05 p.m. in the RTL evening program.

Kohn added: “I’ll definitely take that with me to the end of my life”. In the series would like his role, the doctor Finn Albert, give life a new direction and plans to emigrate to Sicily. Kohn will perform for the last time on November 25th.

His new podcast “Advice among friends”, produced by UFA Serial Drama, is already available this week (from November 10, 6 p.m.). With his best friend, fellow actor and voice actor Alexander Ziegenbein, Kohn talks about dating, friendship, love and all the questions that his community asks him. With over 111,000 followers on Instagram and almost 90,000 followers on TikTok, Kohn has built up a larger fan base. In the first issue, available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, the two friends chat about first dates, ghosting and dating mishaps. Further episodes are planned.


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