Sergio Pérez retains victory in Singapore Formula 1 chaos

Sergio Pérez retains victory in Singapore Formula 1 chaos

TIn fact, anyone else can win in Formula 1 besides Max Verstappen. After the Dutchman had five wins in a row, the Mexican Sergio Pérez in the second Red Bull racing car took victory at the Singapore Grand Prix ahead of the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz jr. This means that the title decision has been postponed again.

Verstappen had already lost his chance of winning in qualifying on Saturday and ended up seventh in a 16th World Championship race marked by chaos and crashes when he overtook Sebastian Vettel. For Mick Schumacher, who finished 13th as penultimate, it was not enough for a letter of recommendation at his first appearance in Singapore.

Such is the mother of all night races, she promises sweet dreams, and suddenly it becomes a nightmare. The winner felt it too. Due to distance errors in two safety car phases (five car lengths are allowed, but there were at least ten between the safety car and Pérez), he was threatened with two time penalties after the end of the race, which could have changed the result if they exceeded the 7.5 seconds , which Perez had ahead of second at the finish. But hours after the end of the race came the reassuring news for Pérez from the world motorsport association Fia. He received a five-second penalty and a warning once and stayed first. What a mess!

More than an hour late

At about the moment when the Formula 1 convoy should have made its way to the starting grid, the water was almost up to the height of the safety car door. Bernd Mayländer ventured out as a scout after a torrential downpour turned the Marina Bay Street Circuit into a seascape an hour and a half before the race was due to start. But just as quickly as the weather chaos breaks out at the equator, thunderstorms pass just as quickly.

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