Senator Sinema leaves Democrats and becomes independent

Kyrsten Sinema

In addition to the senator, Bernie Sanders and Angus King also appear as independents.

(Photo: AP)

Phoenix-Washington US Senator Kyrsten Sinema has announced her withdrawal from the Democratic Party and wants to appear as an independent politician in the near future – that could change the majority in the House of Representatives. Party politics is too focused on harming the other side instead of doing work for US citizens, the 46-year-old wrote in an opinion piece in the Arizona Republic newspaper from her home state on Friday. “So I join the growing number of people in Arizona who reject partisan politics in declaring my independence from Washington’s broken party system.”

It initially remained unclear to what extent the voting behavior of the centrist Sinema, which had repeatedly blocked legislative projects of the Democrats in the past, could change. However, she told the Politico website: “My values ​​and behavior will not change.” With Bernie Sanders and Angus King, there are already two independent senators, who, however, usually vote with the Democrats and are therefore attributed to them.

Just a few days ago, Democrat Rafael Warnock in the state of Georgia won a runoff election for the last open Senate seat after the US midterm elections. This gave the Democrats a 51-49 majority over the republican and more flexibility for voting. It was initially unclear to what extent this dynamic could now change. Sinema is expected to retain ties with Democrats, including to retain committee seats. As an independent, however, it should be much easier for her to evade the factional discipline of the Democrats.

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