Selena Gomez: Honored for Mental Health Advancement

Selena Gomez
Honored for promoting mental health

Selena Gomez was honored for her mental health advancement.

Selena Gomez was honored for her mental health advancement.

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Selena Gomez has won an award for her mental health advancement. She wants to destigmatize the issue.

The “Back to You” singer Selena Gomez (30) is honored with the 2022 Morton E. Ruderman Award for Inclusion by the Ruderman Family Foundation for her work in raising awareness and changing the narrative around mental health.

In a thank you video, Gomez tells People magazine, who has spoken openly about her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and shared her story in the new documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, saying she is “honored” by the recognition. She also explains why she spoke so openly about her personal journey.

destigmatization of the topic

“We know that the stigma attached to mental health has led to the issue being hushed up. I want to change that, especially for young people,” she says in the clip. “I’ve been open and honest about my own journey with my mental health and it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s something I’m constantly working on.”

“I hope that by sharing my story and using my platform, I can encourage others to get the help and support they need to address their mental health,” said the Rare Beauty founder. “Together we can make a difference by destigmatizing mental health, empowering people to engage with their mental health and encouraging others to do the same.”

“Unprecedented Teenage Mental Health Crisis”

Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation, meanwhile, praised the singer-actress for her commitment to expanding access to mental health services and education for young people. “Selena Gomez is a powerful embodiment of our foundation’s mental health mission – a mission that is unprecedented in today’s world crisis of the mental health of teenagers, young adults and the general population,” he said in a statement.

“By drawing inspiration from her personal journey, Selena has given a voice to the struggles of countless people dealing with mental health issues while working tirelessly to improve access to essential mental health resources and programs,” she added Added rudderman.


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