Security guard collapses in front of Queen's coffin

Ein Watchman is at Queen's coffin Elizabeth II collapsed in London's Westminster Hall. He stood on a small pedestal in front of the coffin on Thursday night, as shown in a live broadcast by the BBC public broadcaster. Then, during a changing of the guard, the guard fell over and hit his face on the ground. In the otherwise very quiet Westminster Hall, where the Queen's coffin is laid out, the impact was clearly audible. The security guard had already swayed several times before and once stumbled off the pedestal.

Bystanders guards rushed to the fallen man's aid and rolled him onto his back. Several people who were waiting, who wanted to say goodbye to the queen, clapped their hands in shock in front of their faces. The live stream then switched to an outside view.

Waiting time up to 30 hours

Nothing was initially known about the health of the security guard. The traditional security guards in Britain often have to stand for hours at work. Similar incidents due to circulatory problems have already occurred in the past.

The Queen's coffin has been in the Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the British Parliament, is open to the public. Until Monday morning, people can slowly walk past the coffin and say goodbye to the long-standing British head of state. Right from the start, a queue stretched around four kilometers through the center of the British capital. Waiting times of up to 30 hours are expected for the coming days. Some estimates put up to two million visitors who want to pay their respects to the Queen.

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