Sebastian Pufpaff had an accident: the moderator is missing from “TV total” and the “Wok-WM”

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Quadruple broken ribs: Sebastian Pufpaff is missing from “TV total” and the “Wok-WM”

Sebastian Pufpaff has been moderating the ProSieben show since November 2021 "totally"

Sebastian Pufpaff has been moderating the ProSieben show “TV total” since November 2021

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A trip by bike was his undoing: presenter Sebastian Pufpaff is injured and was represented on “TV total” by comedian Michael Bully Herbig. Pufpaff’s accident also has consequences for the “Wok World Cup”.

In November 2021, Stefan Raab’s legendary TV show “TV total” returned to the screens. The moderation took over cabaret artist Sebastian Puffaff. But on Wednesday evening it was not the 46-year-old who moderated the ProSieben show, but his colleague Michael Bully Herbig. The broadcaster had already announced the day before that Pufpaff was canceled and also announced Herbig as a replacement moderator. He explained right at the beginning of the show why Pufpaff was missing: he was injured. Herbig then revealed the details in sung form with a self-written song.

“TV total” presenter Sebastian Pufpaff fell off his bike

“He was riding a bicycle / happily through the forest / But at the beginning of November / it’s slippery and also cold / In a sharp bend / he suddenly slipped / He crashed on the ground / And thought to himself: Oh shock / My stomach is feeling hurt / his back too / what might that be? / yes, broken ribs / he has a broken rib,” smashed the 54-year-old. In his fall, Sebastian Pufpaff broke not just one, but four ribs.

It is not yet clear how long the entertainer will be out. One thing is certain: he will not be able to take part in the “TV total Wok World Cup”, which takes place this Saturday. Stefan Raab brought the event to life in 2003 and turned it into a real cult event. A wok world championship was held annually until 2015 ProSieben was transferred. The show is back after a seven-year hiatus. The following teams will compete:

  • “Team World Wide Wok” with Knossi, Trymacs, Montana Black and Unsympathisch TV
  • “Team Ireland” starring Joey Kelly, Luke Kelly, Gabriel Kelly and Leon Kelly
  • “Team Poland” with Sarah Fresh, Carolin Niemczyk, Natalia Avelon and Klaudia Giez
  • “Team Turkey” with Eko Fresh, Sükrü Pehlivan, Ali Güngörmüs and Sila Sahin
  • “Team TV total” with Tim Wiese, Manfred “Manni” Ludolf and Laura Nolte

Manni Ludolf replaces Sebastian Pufpaff at the “Wok World Cup” in the individual wok

After the failure of Sebastian Pufpaff, members of the studio band Heavytones are to be used in “Team TV total”, as ProSieben announced. The four-man wok and the single wok will be driven. Scrap dealer Manni Ludolf takes over Pufpaff’s place there.

Just two weeks ago, Pufpaff had another one for “TV total”. extensive health check graduated to have a doctor certify that he is fit for the “Wok World Cup”. But nothing will come of it now. Instead, the 46-year-old published on his Instagram account a photo showing him with a walker on the ice. He wrote: “What does my orthopaedist say? I’m getting old. I will be back, puffier than ever!”

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