Sebastian Pannek at the Super Bowl: A dream came true for him

Sebastian Pannek at the Super Bowl: A dream came true for him

Sebastian Pannek has been a big fan of the NFL since he was young. A big dream came true for him when he attended the Super Bowl.

For ex-Bachelor Sebastian Panek (36) a dream has come true. The 36-year-old attended the Super Bowl spectacle between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles at the invitation of L’Oréal Men Expert. The cosmetics company is a partner of the NFL.

The father of two and husband of Angelina Pannek (31) has been since his youth an avid football fan and kept his fingers crossed for the Super Bowl winners Kansas City Chiefs. “I was very happy for Patrick Mahomes, who put in an incredible performance despite his injury,” enthuses Pannek in an interview and looks back on his personal highlights.

Many people dream of being at the Super Bowl. Did a dream come true for you on Sunday?

Sebastian Pannek: Yes, I can definitely say that a dream of mine has come true here. I’ve been following them since I was young NFL. In recent years, interest has grown again, also due to the more professional reporting on German television, and the dream has grown bigger.

So you should be very familiar with football rules or did you read it again before the Super Bowl?

Pannek: In fact, I’ve always been very enthusiastic about sports and “worked my way” into many sports and their rules very early on. It was the same with football. And frankly, the game isn’t that hard to understand. (laughs)

Which team do you have your fingers crossed for?

Pannek: I have it Kansas City Chiefs fingers crossed and very happy for Patrick Mahomes who put in an incredible performance despite his injury.

How did you experience the football game, how was the atmosphere in the stadium?

Pannek: The mood on my side was great! Unfortunately, I was surrounded by Eagles fans so I mostly had to cheer on my own.

Have you seen any mega stars?

Pannek: I noticed that the world’s biggest stars were there, but I was more interested in the game than the megastars.

What was your personal highlight?

Pannek: My personal highlight was the 4th quarter, when the Chiefs turned the game around despite Mahomes being injured and finally decided it with a very smart move.

How did you like the halftime show with Rihanna?

Pannek: Experiencing the halftime show live definitely has a completely different character than on TV. You just absorb everything, the mood, the music, the whole show. I found Rihanna’s performance super entertaining and will also do this part of the Super Bowl never forget.

You were there in November in Munich for the first official NFL game on German soil. Does your wife share your passion for football?

Pannek: I haven’t really been able to get my wife interested in football yet. She understands what’s happening on the pitch and enjoys team sports, competitions and entertainment. So actually the best conditions to watch games together. However, she is already sleeping when the NFL kicks off and sleep is even more important to her at the moment.

Did your wife and children travel to Arizona with you?

Pannek: No, since we just got home from vacation, another trip immediately afterwards would have been too much.

How difficult is it for you to be away from your family?

Pannek: Since I love my family more than anything, I would of course like to have them with me all the time. I made an exception for the Super Bowl weekend. But now I’m looking forward to going home again.

How has your life changed as a father of two?

Pannek: Life has changed in that it has become infinitely more beautiful and you know why you live. Of course, priorities have changed. As a married man with two children, the motto “Family First” counts for me.

Will we see you on TV again soon?

Pannek: I think the right format has yet to be invented. At the moment I find it difficult to identify with German entertainment television. If there is a show that focuses on competition and combines athleticism, skill, stamina without being too trashy. then I’m the first to shout “Here I am, I’m winning this thing”.

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