Scotland: Candidates promise independence

Scotland: Candidates promise independence

Candidates for Scotland: Health Minister Humza Yousaf, Finance Minister Kate Forbes and MP Ash Regan before a debate of Scottish National Party (SNP) leaders on March 9
Image: dpa

All legal avenues are currently blocked – yet all three candidates for the presidency of the Scottish SNP and for the leadership of the country have promised Scottish independence.

Im race to succeed the Scottish Prime Minister Nicholas Sturgeon all candidates have promised independence from Britain within five years. Scotland “can and will” be independent by 2028, Health Minister Humza Yousaf said in a BBC debate of the three applicants on Tuesday night.

The 37-year-old Yousaf was confident that he could ensure a majority. Treasury Secretary Kate Forbes wants to stress the downsides of being dependent on London. The decisions would be far from Scotland hit, said the 32-year-old candidate. MP Ash Regan (49 years old) also emphasized her support for secession. However, she wants to wait until a clear majority of Scots back the plan and then use this tailwind.

A month ago, Sturgeon surprisingly announced her departure as First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). SNP members have until March 27 to vote on Sturgeon’s successor.

The outgoing head of government is considered a leading figure in the Scottish independence movement. Since her announcement, the number of polls in favor of breaking away from the UK has fallen. The hurdles to independence are also high. As the British supreme court ruled in December, the government in London must agree to a new referendum. However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak clearly rejects another referendum. It is currently completely unclear how the SNP intends to achieve its goal.

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