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Had a little glimpse into the future Dennis Schroeder Yes, already given after the first game at this European Basketball Championship in Cologne. Namely about the next player in the North American professional league NBA, where his advisor was known to be looking for a new club, as Schröder also let know. At that time, the 29-year-old was a so-called free agent, i.e. without a contract. Born in Braunschweig, he was most recently employed by the Boston Celtics, who dumped him to the Houston Rockets in the middle of the season. His contract there had expired.

However, his NBA prognosis after the 76:63 victory at the start of the tournament against France referred to national team colleague Maodo Lo, whom he believed could have a career in the world’s best league. But now it is clear that Schröder himself will return to the USA in the coming season. After the bitter 91:96 semi-final defeat against the Spaniards and before the European Championship final on Sunday evening, he announced via Instagram that he had accepted a new commitment from what is probably the most prominent club: The point guard has signed a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, his salary will be halved, last year Schröder was paid almost six million dollars. Because the Californians with their noble squad, in the superstar LeBronJames is the top earner who has broken the salary cap, only players for the minimum salary may be committed. That’s still almost $2.5 million, so no one has to worry about the family man’s livelihood.

A year ago, Schröder turned down an $84 million offer from the Lakers, now he’s returning for $2.5 million

However, it is piquant that Schröder turned down a four-year offer of $84 million a year ago when he was still playing for the Lakers. He probably hoped for better offers and gambled it up properly. So now the return to the City of Angels, apparently purified: “Last year didn’t feel right. I felt misunderstood and nobody knew the real story. I’m coming back to the biggest club to do it right,” he wrote on Instagram, “It’s an honor to play for the Lakers. I can’t wait to get started.” His former and new teammate LeBron James also stood up for him, which he also confirmed on social channels: “So damn happy to have you back.”

Basketball EM: Ex-colleagues and soon again: LeBron James (middle) and Dennis Schröder will play together again in the future at the Los Angeles Lakers.

Ex and soon to be colleagues again: LeBron James (middle) and Dennis Schröder will play together again in the Los Angeles Lakers.

(Photo: Carmen Mandato/dpa)

Schröder drew attention to himself at the European Championship tournament with a sustained strong performance. The game designer is the German advertising face for the home event, alongside other NBA greats such as the Slovenian Luka Doncic, or the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Serbian Nikola Jokic. The latter two have become the best player in the last four years (Antetokuonmpo 2019 and 2020). NBA elected, i.e. the world’s best basketball player. And while the highly talented colleagues – because they have left – have long since returned home, Schröder showed one gala performance after the other.

In addition to his irresistible pull to the basket, he found increasing confidence in long-distance shots, if both work, “then it gets dangerous for the opponent,” said teammate and co-captain Johannes Voigtmann. With an average of 21.6 points per game, Schröder is not only the best point collector in the team, he also provides the most assists (7.3 per game) and determines the pace and rhythm of the German team. In the semi-final against Spain he shone with 30 points.

Every teammate praises the German leader Schröder in the highest tones

In addition, Schröder turned out to be the hoped-for leader. After the failures at the home EM 2015 and the World Cup 2019 in China, as the highly praised selection team of the German basketball Bunds each failed in the preliminary round, Schröder was said to play more for himself than for the team. He has now done away with this accusation in an impressive way. His teammates praise him in the highest tones, national coach Gordon Herbert can feel confirmed, he had committed to Schröder as the leader before the European Championships and made him the team captain.

All of this should certainly not have been harmful to his new commitment, and Schröder also meets another former companion at the Lakers: He knows the new coach Darvin Ham from his early days with the Atlanta Hawks, where Ham was an assistant coach, where Schröder’s NBA became in 2013 -Career established. How happy his colleague James is about Schröder’s return, he apparently wants to tell him on the spot. The 37-year-old has announced that he will visit the Berlin Arena on the final day.

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