Schalke welcomes Augsburg: focus on winning or avoiding defeat?

Schalke welcomes Augsburg: focus on winning or avoiding defeat?

Maya Yoshida

Maya Yoshida

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Schalke 04 welcomes FC Augsburg on Sunday. Should S04 rather avoid defeat or rather play for victory?

FC receives on Sunday Schalke with FC Augsburg a likely major competitor for relegation. For the miners, the question then arises as to how to approach the game: the main thing is not to lose, or focus on a possible three points?

It is certainly not the first duel for Schalke with a team that is either already at the beginning of the season or is expected to be in the lower quarter of the table sooner or later. The climber has already played against places 16 to 18. The record: two draws, one win.

In the eighth game day, the royal blue is fourteenth in the table. However stand Bayer Leverkusen and the VfL Wolfsburg so far even worse. Due to the quality of the squad, however, it can be assumed that both teams will still pass. Possibly next weekend.

In the end it will be much more likely FC Augsburg belong to the direct competition for relegation than the Werkself or the Wolves. That is precisely why the importance of the game when S04 host FCA on Sunday should not be underestimated.

On the one hand, a defeat would mean an automatic disadvantage compared to the competitor. So not losing is very important. On the other hand, a win would mean the advantage. Three enormously important points in the relegation battle. But what should and what will Frank Kramer do? focus lay?

A victory over Augsburg would give Schalke several advantages

If you want to make it easy for yourself and have the three euros ready for the phrase pig, you emphasize full of wisdom: whoever wins can’t lose.

That is correct so far. And yet there are many nuances involved in match planning and preparation for the game that need to be weighed. The tactical basic order, the staff, a rather risky or moderate switching game, and so much more. All of these questions and many more are correct in their answers by the trainer according to what he is more focused on: on preventing defeat or on enabling victory?

It’s actually quite simple: There are only a few teams in the Bundesliga against which the Gelsenkirchen team, as a simple promoted team, can presume to get three points. The Augsburgers belong there. It won’t be easy against them either, by no means. But a little easier than against most of the other clubs in the league.

It’s a chance that Schalke must seize. It has to be a win. because augsburg direct competition is or at least will be. Because an early slide down to the last three places due to the atmosphere should be avoided for as long as possible. Because a sense of achievement would be important when it comes to the next few weeks.

Factors that should therefore also be reflected in the line-up and the general approach. A misstep against FCA could put the miners under pressure early on.

Everything about S04 at 90min:

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