Schalke goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow dreams of derby victory

Schalke goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow dreams of derby victory

Alexander Schwolow

Alexander Schwolow

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For Schalke's Alexander Schwolow, the first district derby against Borussia Dortmund is scheduled for the weekend. Although he sees his team as outsiders, he still dreams of winning the derby.

on Alexander Schwolow comes on Saturday the first district derby as goalkeeper of FC Schalke 04. He sees his team as outsiders.

Alexander Schwolow has been the new number one at FC Schalke 04 since this season. On Saturday, the 30-year-old contests his first district derby against Borussia Dortmund.

Although the Royal Blues go into the game at 3.30 p.m. as underdogs, dreaming is still allowed. "Before the game, you could say that we, as newly promoted squad, could be satisfied with a draw against this more expensive and possibly individually stronger squad. But it's clear that we want to win. Always! Also in Dortmund. That's why we're competitive athletes. Our fans are dying for a derby win, it's a dream of all of us to win there," Schwolow said in an interview with the table football.

Schwolow expects an intense game

The goalkeeper is afraid that BVB could overrun the rival S04 Not. "Especially after our recent games against Bochum and Stuttgart, I'm assuming that we'll defend well again in Dortmund and won't allow 40 shots on goal. We're outsiders, but we're still self-confident," explains the former Freiburg player, who is about to play in 2020 Change to the Ruhr area.

Schwolow is certain of one thing, however: the former U-national goalkeeper is expecting an intense game for his team: "Dortmund have a very ball-safe team that always wants to have the ball in their ranks. There will be a lot of running work on us, in the We have to be even more vigilant and aggressive in duels. We can't become passive. When we're active, we don't have to chase after it so much."

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