Scenes for The Crown on Netflix

Neapel, Palma, Capri is a beach on the Strait of Gibraltar. A trip to Italy is set to mark the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Tue rescue. But in reality, the couple boards the yacht Christina O in the Club de Mar of the island’s capital of Mallorca, which later anchors in the bay of Puerto de Sóller: Almost everything that is not set in Britain has been in the ten new Netflix episodes filmed in Spain.

Even Egypt was moved to the Iberian Peninsula: the Alexandria of the British colonial era is in fact the Andalusian Jerez de la Frontera. In Seville The arcades of the historic Pilate’s Palace serve as the backdrop for a wedding celebration for the Al-Fayed family in Cairo. And the ancient pillars that Charles strolls through with his family and friends are genuinely Roman. But they are not on the island of Capri. The Roman ruined city of Baelo Claudia is not far from the port and holiday resort of Tarifa.

The producers of the Netflix series are particularly fond of the Balearic Islands. They keep coming back Majorca return. More than a hundred extras were used for a scene on the beach of Sant Elm, where Diana and her sons docked in a motorboat. In the film it doesn’t last a minute. Since 1991 was all about bulky cell phones, all cast members had to leave their cell phones in the cloakroom so they wouldn’t show up in their pockets.

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The film team also made a detour to Marbella and Puerto Banús. Spain’s Costa del Sol is the Côte d’Azur, where Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed spent their last vacation in the summer of 1997 before both were killed in a car accident in Paris. The superyacht Titania – the weekly rental is said to be more than 600,000 euros – becomes Dodi’s father’s ship in the series. In the fourth season, Málaga was already transformed into the Australian city of Brisbane. Previously, the Hotel Alfonso XIII. moved to California in Seville, where Princess Margaret traveled in the 1960s.

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