Saxophonist Sam Gendel – culture

Saxophonist Sam Gendel – culture

When saxophonist Sam Gendel reduces R&B hits by Ginuwine, Beyoncé or Erykah Badu to the essentials, something emerges that has never been heard before.


Franziska Durmeier

Actually, it only takes a moment: when the saxophone makes its way through the silence (“Drunk Squeezebox“), lays like a blanket over the rhythm (“Mouthfeel 5“) or sinking gently into the jungle of sounds (“Saxophone Funeral“), suddenly a new world opens up. It’s that unmistakable Gendel saxophone that can stretch a moment to infinity. One of his most famous pieces, “boa” (with bassist Sam Wilkes), accompanies a passage in the film “Malcom & Marie”. With a soft melody, the saxophone meanders around the bass guitar and a delicate beat. And here again there is this special warmth in the sound.

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