Saxony: pyrotechnics thrown on refugee home grounds

Target of an arson attack: the “Spreehotel” before the arrival of the first asylum seekers in 2014
Image: dpa

Previously unknown persons used pyrotechnics on the grounds of a refugee accommodation in Neukieritzsch, Saxony. The police are investigating whether the crime was politically motivated.

uacquaintances have firecrackers on the property of a refugee shelter thrown in Neukieritzsch, Saxony. The police said on Monday that people of various nationalities were staying there. No one was injured by the pyrotechnics. No damage was caused to the building during the incident on Monday night either.

The investigation in the case had been handed over to the criminal police. So far there is no information on the perpetrators. It was not until Friday morning that previously unknown perpetrators carried out an arson attack on a planned refugee home in Bautzen. Mainly due to the current situation, the Neukieritzsch case is also being investigated in the direction of a politically motivated act, the police said.

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