Satin dress trend 2023: These four models are particularly popular

Satin dress trend 2023: These four models are particularly popular

The satin dress is trending for 2023 – and here’s how you can style it

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The satin dress is trendy in 2023 – in different variants

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Hardly any item of clothing conjures up elegance as quickly as the satin dress. In 2023 it’s trendy – and not only suitable for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

If you like to dress inconspicuously, this trend may not be suitable for you. But anyone who likes to create an elegant, eye-catching look with just a few simple steps will like the 2023 satin dress trend. The garment doesn’t need much to shine. We present the hottest models and give suitable styling tips.

1. Satin Dress Trend: Spaghetti Straps

Whether mini, midi or maxi length: Satin dresses with spaghetti straps are a big trend in 2023. In combination with a waterfall neckline, they ensure a great, loose cut that adapts beautifully to the body and ensures a handsome silhouette. Since these dresses look very filigree, they can be combined particularly well with fine sandals. Bold breaks in style are also possible, for example white sneakers to the chic dress. A matching blazer provides some warmth – or if you like it cooler and are bold, you can skilfully wear a matching pair of jeans or leather jacket combine.

2. Satin Dress Trend: White dresses

The satin dress trend 2023 looks particularly elegant and graceful if you a model in white grasp. The fabric and color really come into their own. Hardly anything is needed here to stage the it-piece. A little filigree jewellery, chic shoes (e.g. pumps, sandals or mules) and nothing more is needed. If you want to break up the clean look, you can also use a belt.

3. Satin Dress Trend: Midi Length

Satin dresses look particularly good in the midi length. In this length, the flowing fabric envelops the body in a particularly flattering way and doesn’t look too stuffy. Maxi models are particularly suitable for holidays. For a casual look the medium-length variant on the other hand ideal. Whether in white, black, red, green or another color: a midi-length satin dress can be combined in many ways and can be taken out of the wardrobe both in the more casual version for everyday use and for chic occasions with the appropriate elegant styling.

4. Satin dress trend: long-sleeved models

But if you like it a little more dressed up and don’t like the sleeveless version, you can also confidently go Satin dress with long sleeves grasp. The look is also very elegant. Since the dress and the elegant fabric take up a lot of space, you can also let them shine. Subtle combinations, such as a filigree shoe and a little jewelry, are completely sufficient here. The best thing about the dress is the details that break up the stricter look: a side slit, a back neckline or an asymmetrical cut, for example.

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