Sarah Hannemann: The actress shows herself without a cover

Sarah Hannemann: The actress shows herself without a cover

Sarah Hannemann
The actress shows herself naked

Sarah Hannemann on the "playboy"-Cover

Sarah Hannemann on the “Playboy” cover

© Irene Schaur for PLAYBOY Germany March 2023

Sarah Hannemann shows herself naked in “Playboy” – where you know her from and what she wanted to prove with the naked pictures.

Actress Sarah Hannemann (32) can currently be seen in the spin-off “Good Times, Bad Times” “Leon – Fight for Your Love”. The former “Unter Uns” star posed for “Playboy” without a cover and made it onto the current cover.

With the pictures that appear in the March issue of the men’s magazine, the 32-year-old wanted to prove something to herself, as she explains in the accompanying interview: “I had – and I’m probably like many Women – my little problems with the body. And I thought to myself: Sarah, you are actually a beautiful woman – do that!”

With the photos, she also wants to show women “that you should stand by yourself. And that you should be satisfied with what you have. Small breasts, big breasts, small buttocks, big buttocks – that’s all completely irrelevant.”

She herself considers breasts to be “eye-catchers” and has no problem with the attention that her body will now also be given at the kiosk. Her attitude: “Sure, you should be allowed to play with your charms without being considered a sex object, but you shouldn’t be surprised if one or the other man looks over.”

No desire for constricting bras

This attitude applies above all to bras, for which the actress and musician has little time as a matter of principle. She feels freer without it, she explains in an interview – even if the nipples are visible under the shirt. “You can see that with men when they’re wearing a tight t-shirt,” says Hannemann.

For Hannemann, equality also means that “women Men have to accept. Some feminists are starting to marginalize men a bit. I want to distance myself from that.”

In matters Love However, it was not always easy for the actress and rapper: her parents’ divorce would have been difficult for her mother, she reports. “It made it very difficult for me to believe in love at all. It always meant pain and abandonment for me.”

The March issue of “Playboy” with Hannemann’s photo series will appear in newsagents on February 9th. More motifs exclusively at:


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