SAP turns users into developers: Programming for amateurs

Dhe software company SAP wants to turn its users into developers. With software that is not intended to be like classic software, but like a colorful moving program, with graphic elements and simple set pieces that users can then combine to form new applications using “drag and drop”. Similar to the case of the PowerPoint presentation program, not only developers, but every knowledgeable user should be able to create something new. “This is a giant step for us and our customers,” says Chief Technology Officer Jürgen Müller in an interview with the FAZ

Bernd Freytag

Business correspondent Rhein-Neckar-Saar based in Mainz.

According to Müller, all companies will become software companies in the future, whether they want it or not. The need for experts is increasing accordingly, but they simply don’t exist at the moment. “All the universities and further training measures in the world cannot generate so many studied developers.”

Germany currently lacks 100,000 IT specialists, and the global gap is estimated at four million by 2025, says Müller. To eliminate the bottleneck, there is no other way out than such solutions, which experts summarize under the slogans “low code” or “no code”: programming platforms on which programs can be developed with very little or no IT knowledge .

According to Müller, SAP sees itself at the forefront of development, as one of the first large companies to provide a comprehensive low-code offering. This Tuesday, the group officially presented its package at the TechEd developer conference in Berlin under the name SAP Build. A test version of it should be automatically available to all customers, regardless of whether they use the group’s classic corporate management programs, bought-in solutions, those that still have to be installed in the classic way, or those in the cloud. With this free version you can test and learn the possibilities. According to Müller, if you want to use SAP Build permanently, you have to pay.

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