Sales in hospitality in July below pre-crisis level in real terms

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Hotels and other accommodation companies recorded a real increase in sales of 0.7 percent from June to July 2022.

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Wiesbaden The hospitality industry in Germany has in July not yet at all levels, despite significant price increases the Sales level of the pre-Corona period reached.

According to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, revenue increased compared to July 2021 both nominally (plus 19 percent) and adjusted for price increases, i.e. in real terms (plus 10.2 percent).

Compared to July 2019, i.e. the summer before the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany, the turnover in the hospitality industry was only nominally 4.3 percent higher, in real terms it was 9.3 percent less, as the Wiesbaden authorities announced on Monday.

Hotels and other accommodation companies recorded a real from June to July 2022 Sales increase of 0.7 percent. Compared to July of the previous year, their revenues increased by 14.3 percent. Nevertheless, sales were still 5.8 percent below the level of July 2019.

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In gastronomy, real sales in July 2022 were 0.6 percent lower than in the previous month. Compared to July 2021, sales increased by 7.7 percent, but revenues were still 11.1 percent below the level of July 2019.

Overall, sales in the industry fell by 1.5 percent in real terms from June to July of the current year, adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects, and rose by 0.4 percent in nominal terms.

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