Sabotage caused Nord Stream explosions

Gas gushes from the pipelines

The suspicion of sabotage has been around for a long time.

(Photo: AP)

Stockholm The explosions at the two Nord Stream gas pipelines are Sweden attributed to sabotage. The public prosecutor’s office in Stockholm announced on Friday that the remains of explosives were found on the lines and sees an initial suspicion confirmed. At the end of September, the tubes in the Baltic Sea running to Germany were in Danish and Swedish waters four leaks have been identified. Shortly thereafter, sabotage was widely accepted as the reason.

Through the pipeline Nord Stream 1 had Russia pumped gas from Siberia to Germany and other European countries until the delivery stop. North Stream 2 was because of the Russian attack on the Ukraine not put into operation.

Investigators from Sweden and Denmark examine the four leaks in the two double pipes Nord Stream 1 and North Stream 2. After initial investigations, Denmark declared in October that the holes were caused by violent explosions.

The Swedish public prosecutor announced that objects had been secured that showed traces of explosives. These will now be further investigated. The traces supported the assumption that it was gross sabotage. The cooperation with the authorities in Sweden and other countries is excellent, said the leading prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist. Investigators declined to provide any further details.

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The Russian Presidential Office said a decision on repairs would not be made until a full assessment of the damage had been completed. The results so far supported the assumption that it was a subversive act or terrorist attack.

Sweden confirms sabotage of North Sea pipelines

The Russian Department of Defense said last month it was an attack by British marines. The British government had rejected this. Russia only wants his military failures in the war against Ukraine turn.

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No comment was initially available from the operating companies Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. The same applied to the Russian Gazprom-Group that holds the majority of the companies.

The German energy company E.ON, among others, is involved in Nord Stream 1. One of Nord Stream 2’s financial partners is the Düsseldorf utility, which is now about to be nationalized Uniper.

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