Ruth Müller becomes the new General Secretary

Die Bavarian SPD has a new general secretary: Ruth Müller, a 55-year-old member of the state parliament who lives in Lower Bavaria. Your deputy in the election year will be Nuremberg city councilor Nasser Ahmed, 34. The replacement became necessary after the previous Secretary General, Arif Taşdelen, had resigned from office. Recently it became known that he was not wanted by his own youngsters, the Jusos, because he is said to have behaved inappropriately towards young women. For example, he is said to have asked insistently for the cell phone number of a young SPD candidate.

The party had initially tried to clarify the cause internally, but it was launched to the media. This also led to speculation as to how far the allegations against Taşdelen could be colored by power politics. He was considered a confidante of the country chief Florian von Brunn, who was elected in 2021 and who still has opponents in the party. This was also shown by the fact that the party did not manage to organize a constituency for a state parliament candidate for its co-chairman Ronja Endres. Von Brunn did not want to go into detail about the Taşdelen case on Friday and referred to an internal party commission that would clarify the allegations “objectively”. Besides, he now wants to look ahead.

As a target for the state elections in October, he named “15 percent plus x”. Together with Endres, he relies on good hospital and care infrastructure, affordable housing, accelerated energy transition; Most recently, the SPD announced a referendum against the 10-hour distance rule for wind turbines. Brunn and Ahmed warned the CSU and the Free Voters against fueling xenophobic resentment during the election campaign. Although the CSU had held back after the New Year’s Eve riots, Brunn said there were already signs of a “xenophobic election campaign”. In the most recent “Bayerntrend”, the SPD was nine percent, in the new Insa survey it was ten. Müller said they wanted to make the party “even more double-digit”.

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