Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

the According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the danger of a nuclear escalation in the Ukraine war has decreased. “Russia has stopped threatening to use nuclear weapons. In response to the international community marking a red line,” Scholz told Funke media group newspapers and French newspaper Ouest-France (Thursday).

“During my visit to Beijing, Chinese President Xi and I jointly expressed that nuclear weapons should not be used. Shortly thereafter, the G20 states reaffirmed this stance.” When asked whether the danger of a nuclear escalation had been averted, the SPD politician said: “For the moment, we have taken a stake against it.”

Scholz called on Russia to end the war immediately and withdraw troops from Ukraine. “It is correct that the question then becomes how we can achieve security for Europe,” he said, referring to statements by French President Emmanuel Macron on possible security guarantees for Russia. “Of course we are ready to talk to Russia about arms control in Europe. We already offered that before the war and nothing has changed in this position.”

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