Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

Lithuania supports Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, with plants and equipment to rebuild destroyed energy infrastructure. According to the Energy Ministry in Vilnius, companies and organizations in the Lithuanian energy sector have handed over materials worth three million euros to Kyiv since the war began on February 24. These included power generators, fuel and transformers, and equipment for repairing substations and gas lines. Further support worth two million euros is to follow shortly, the ministry of the Baltic EU and NATO country announced on Friday.

“Russia is intentionally destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. As far as we know, 40 percent of the infrastructure is damaged – that’s more than 400 critical objects across Ukraine,” said Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys. Lithuania is one of the few countries where there are still Soviet-designed plants used in the Ukrainian energy sector.

Massive rocket attacks by Russia on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure are currently causing power outages in the country. According to information from Kyiv, around ten million people were temporarily without electricity.

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