Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

According to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the situation on the war fronts in Ukraine remains difficult. Although there is currently less news from the combat zones, Selenski said in his daily video speech on Tuesday evening. “But that doesn’t mean that the intensity of the fighting has decreased.”

“Fierce battles for position continue in some areas,” said Zelenski. “And as before, it is particularly difficult in the Donetsk region.” Nothing has changed in the order given to the Russian troops to advance to the borders of the administrative region. But: “We are not giving up a single centimeter of our country there.”

Away from the combat zones, intensive work is being done to restore normal life in the liberated areas. This applies above all to restoring the supply of gas and electricity, for example in the Kharkiv area. And to help the population get through the upcoming winter period, the government has exempted the import of energy supply devices – such as generators or transformers – from import duties.

Russia obviously intends to take advantage of the upcoming winter. “We clearly understand: turning winter into a weapon is the plan of a terrorist state against our state and against all of Europe,” Zelenskiy said. “But we are doing everything we can to ensure that this Russian plan fails, like various previous ones.”

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