Russia's war against Ukraine - all developments

the The American government imposed further sanctions on dozens of Russian and Ukrainian representatives and Russian companies on Thursday. The Foreign Ministry said all those affected supported Russia's war against Ukraine. They are accused of human rights violations and stealing Ukrainian grain.

The sanctions targeted at least 23 individuals and 31 Russian government agencies and companies. Some, but not all, of those affected are already subject to US penalties, such as asset freezes and bans on US citizens doing business with them. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said some of those sanctioned were violent criminals, and one supported the kidnapping of children from Ukraine.

Authorities and companies affected by the sanctions included the Russian domestic intelligence agency GRU, which the US has imposed sanctions on since 2016. Since then he has also been accused of running camps through which Ukrainians were forcibly deported. Also sanctioned were high-tech firms involved in Russia's space and satellite industries, as well as computer firms that make microprocessors and semiconductors used by the Russian armed forces.

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