Russian invasion: Rocket fire: Kyiv largely without water supply

Russian invasion
Rocket fire: Kyiv largely without water supply

Smoke rises after shelling of Kyiv.  Photo: Efrem Lukatsky/AP/dpa

Smoke rises after shelling of Kyiv. photo

© Efrem Lukatsky/AP/dpa

Air raid alerts go off in numerous Ukrainian cities while Russia fires rockets at Ukraine. In Kyiv, large parts of the water supply failed.

Russia fired rockets at numerous cities in Ukraine on Monday at the beginning of the new week. There was an air alert across the country, and the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense was active, according to the local authorities.

Also in the capital Kyiv, explosions were heard in Kharkiv and Zaporizhia and in the west of the country. It was said that some important infrastructure had been hit.

Kyiv largely without water supply

Large parts of the water supply in the Ukrainian capital were cut off by one of the Russian rocket hits. mayor Vitaly Klitschko reported in a message on Telegram that 80 percent of the consumption points were affected. Experts tried to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Klitschko promised that water would flow again in the districts east of the Dnipro River in the early afternoon. This will only be possible in some parts on the west bank with the center of the megacity.

Klitschko advised the people of Kyiv to stock up on drinking water at public pumps if necessary. The city government published a map of these fountains. The failure of the water system was related to damage to the power supply. Klitschko wrote that 350,000 households were also without electricity. For the area around the capital, Governor Oleksiy Kuleba announced that the population should prepare for long power outages.

250 days of war

The authorities called on people to get to safety in bunkers and other rooms. The Russian war of aggression against the neighboring country has already lasted 250 days this Monday. The Ukrainian Air Force said in the morning that 44 of the more than 50 missiles launched by Russian bombers had been shot down.

According to the first official information, the Russian troops – as on previous Mondays – launched dozens of rocket attacks in the morning rush hour. Recently, there have always been deaths and injuries. Nothing was initially known about new victims in the morning.

Energy infrastructure under attack

Russia had declared that it was particularly targeting the neighboring country’s energy infrastructure. the Ukraine speaks of “energy terror” with the aim of plunging people into darkness, cold and fear and thus driving them to flee to the EU.

Russia is continuing its attacks on civilian infrastructure, the head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, said in his blog on the Telegram news channel. “We will persevere. And this disgrace will cost entire generations of Russians dearly,” he announced. At the same time, he called for more weapons and new sanctions against Russia from the West.


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