Russian and Ukrainian people will live together in the future

Russian and Ukrainian people will live together in the future

Dhe Russian military confirms the shelling of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, but the Moscow leadership does not see the grain agreement in danger. At the same time called Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during his trip to Africa openly aimed at overthrowing the Ukrainian leadership, which he described as “hostile to the people and to history”.

Objection from Kyiv was not long in coming. The attack on the Ukraine Only someone who does not know the true history of the people can give orders, Zelenskyj countered in the evening. Monday is the 151st day of the war.

Russian military justifies port attack with US weapons

A day after the rocket hits in the port of Odessa Moscow the internationally criticized attack with the destruction of US weapons. The missiles were fired at a ship repair facility, the Defense Ministry said in Moscow on Sunday. A Ukrainian warship and a warehouse with US-supplied Harpoon missiles were destroyed in the dock, sources said.

Lavrov believes in grain deal and “regime change” in Kyiv

Despite the attack, Lavrov reaffirmed the validity of the international agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea. The passage through a sea corridor should be monitored from a control center in Istanbul, he said on a visit to the Egyptian capital Cairo on Sunday. There, representatives of Ukraine, of Russia, Turkey and the United Nations. Russian and Turkish forces would work together to ensure the safety of the ships on the open sea, Lavrov said. He later spoke of a third party, not yet named, that would be involved in the controls.

In Egypt, Russia’s chief diplomat made a name for himself with statements about a planned overthrow of the Ukrainian government that had not previously been heard from Moscow with such openness. “We will definitely help the Ukrainian people to get rid of the absolutely anti-people and anti-history regime,” he said. The Russian and Ukrainian people would henceforth live together.

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