Russia takes over the presidency of the UN Security Council – Zelensky calls for reform of the body

Russia takes over the presidency of the UN Security Council – Zelensky calls for reform of the body

Volodymyr Zelensky

“It is hard to imagine anything better demonstrating the complete bankruptcy of such institutions.”

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Kyiv The rotation of the presidency of the UN Security Council Russia met with sharp criticism from Kiev. In view of the Russian war of aggression against his country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy spoke of an “absurd and destructive” constellation and called for a reform of the highest body of the United Nations.

In the past, Kiev had doubted that Russia had legitimately taken over the permanent seat on the Security Council as the successor to the Soviet Union. In addition to Russia, the United States, Great Britain, France and China are permanent Council members with veto powers.

Zelensky sees the Security Council compromised by Russia

Only the day before, a five-month-old baby had been killed by Russian artillery fire, and now the aggressor is taking over the presidency of the UN Security Council, Selenski criticized in his evening video address on Saturday. “There is hardly anything imaginable that better demonstrates the complete bankruptcy of such institutions.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba described the leadership role as a “bad April Fool’s joke”.

The presidency of the Security Council rotates monthly between the member states in alphabetical order, with the five permanent and the ten non-permanent members taking turns. Russia last held the presidency in February 2022 – when it was the neighboring one Ukraine attacked.

But Selenski also had positive things to announce for his compatriots. Ukraine emerged stronger from the week, said the head of state. Among other things, he thanked Germany for the military aid. A few days ago, the arrival of German Marder and Leopard 2 armored personnel carriers and battle tanks in the Ukraine became known. Zelensky expressed his gratitude to Switzerland for having now joined the EU sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine orders 100 Rosomak wheeled infantry fighting vehicles in Poland

In order to be able to better fight back the Russian attackers, the Ukraine ordered 100 new wheeled infantry fighting vehicles of the type KTO Rosomak in Poland. According to the PAP news agency, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Saturday during a visit to the manufacturing company Rosomak in Siemianowice Slaskie in Upper Silesia. According to the liberal-conservative politician, he personally received the order from the Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Schmyhal. The order will be financed with EU money for Poland and support payments from the USA to Ukraine, it said.

Defense Minister: Russia increases ammunition production significantly

But the other side is also upgrading. According to its own statements, Russia has increased its ammunition production many times over. “This applies to both ordinary and high-precision ammunition,” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a General Staff meeting on Saturday. This would allow Russia to achieve its war goals. In addition, work is continuing to increase production. Schoigu’s statements could not be independently verified.

More than a year after the start of the war, both Ukraine and Russia are struggling with a lack of ammunition. The West, on whose supplies Ukraine’s national defense depends, is also trying to expand its production. Kremlin chief Wladimir Putin already months ago the local one defense industry prompted to produce more weapons and ammunition. The companies work in a multi-shift system in order to meet the requirements of the military.

Ukraine imposes new sanctions on Russia

Ukraine, meanwhile, imposed further sanctions against individuals and companies from Russia and against a company on Russian-held Ukrainian territory. On Saturday, President Zelensky published several blacklists with hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals who are said to have supported the Russian war of aggression. In most cases, the sanctions apply for a period of ten years.

Ukraine imposes new sanctions on Russia

One of the most prominent names on the sanctions list is Svetlana Medvedev, wife of former President Dmitry Medvedev.

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The directors of armaments factories and military research institutions are particularly affected. This sector is also particularly affected by companies. But sanctions were also imposed on Russia’s Treasury Ministry and the Federation Council – the upper house of Russia’s parliament. Among the most prominent names on the list are the wife and son of Russia’s ex-president Dmitry Medvedev, Svetlana and Ilya.

This is how the Handelsblatt reports on the Ukraine war:

The head of the Kiev Cave Monastery has been under house arrest for two months

Meanwhile, judicial sanctions overtook the head of the world-famous Kiev Cave Monastery, Pavlo Lebid. He was placed under house arrest for two months. The cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is suspected of fueling religious disputes and justifying Russia’s war of aggression, Ukrainian media reported from the courtroom. The monastery head must now wear electronic ankle bracelets. Contact with believers is forbidden to him. The 61-year-old denies the allegations and speaks of a political process.

The background to this are disputes about the use of the cave monastery and the position of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the country in general. Until the beginning of the war, the church was subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate. Although she broke away from the patriarchate after the beginning of the conflict, she is still suspected of espionage and agitation for Moscow by the political leadership in Kiev.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine, independent of Moscow, was founded in Kiev in 2018. In this context, the state has now withdrawn the right to use the cave monastery from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. But the monks living there refuse to move out. A court case is ongoing.

That will be important on Sunday

Fighting in eastern Ukraine, especially around the towns of Bakhmut and Avdiivka, continues. In Kiev, supporters of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are expected to react to the house arrest of the head of the Cave Monastery.

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