Russia introduces Japanese diplomats

Dhe diplomat sits in front of a camera, bows his head, protests that he “understood”, violated laws and tried to get secret information: this humiliating performance is part of the latest Russian pinprick against the government in Tokyo.

Patrick Welter

Correspondent for business and politics in Japan based in Tokyo.

The FSB secret service announced on Monday evening that it had arrested an employee of the Japanese consulate general in far-eastern Vladivostok. He was “caught in the act” giving “information” about the collaboration for a fee of Russia with “one of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region” and the influence of Western sanctions on the region’s economy.

To this end he published FSB the video in which you should first see the diplomat in a restaurant; his opponent is made unrecognizable, one does not see a handover. Then the images from the FSB interrogation follow. Details remained completely unclear, such as who the Japanese met and whether anyone else – a Russian informant, for example – was arrested. The diplomat was declared an undesirable person that evening, which means his expulsion from Russia, and Japan received a protest note.

Russia classifies Japan as an “unfriendly” country

For its part, the Japanese government asked Russia to apologize for the incident and summoned the Russian ambassador to Tokyo. The diplomat was treated in an incredible way, a government spokesman said. He was blindfolded during the arrest. At the same time, pressure was exerted on the arms and head, so that the diplomat could not move.

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