Russia intensifies missile attacks – dead in Dnipro

Dhe Russian military has numerous regions in the on Saturday Ukraine fired at with rockets. After isolated attacks in the morning, Moscow significantly increased the shelling throughout the day. The Ukrainian authorities said there was an air alert across the country. In addition to regions such as Odessa in the south, Kharkiv in the east and Lemberg in the west, the capital Kyiv was once again affected. In view of the Russian rocket attacks, the presidential office in Kyiv called on people to seek shelter on Saturday

According to preliminary official information, at least five people were killed when a rocket hit an inhabited high-rise building in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. At least 27 people were injured, including six children, the authorities said on Saturday. Rescue workers pulled people out of the rubble of the partially collapsed house. According to Ukrainian media reports, buried residents there also used their flashlights on mobile phones to signal where they were under the rubble in order to be rescued. Many also shouted, according to video shared on social media.

The Presidential Administration Kyiv post photos and videos of the ruined building. The head of the presidential office in Kyiv, Andriy Yermak, was appalled: “Russians are terrorists who are punished for everything. All – without exception.” He said that anti-aircraft and air defenses were doing their jobs. “We will fight back,” he said. The enemy does not change tactics and continues to strike civilian infrastructure.

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