Russia and nuclear weapons: what do Putin’s nuclear threats mean? – Politics

Saber-rattling here, appeasement there – the Kremlin ruler’s war rhetoric is puzzling political experts around the world. But how is the discourse going in Russia itself? The answer is not really reassuring.


Silke BigalkeMoscow

The threat has been in the world since the first day of the war. Even then, on February 24, Vladimir Putin directed it against the West: “Whoever stands in our way or threatens our country,” he said in a TV speech, must know that Russia’s response “will have consequences for you will have such as you have never experienced in its history”. of Russia nuclear weapons is what Putin has mentioned more frequently in his speeches since then, and Russian experts have long been concerned with the shades of his nuclear weapons rhetoric, which oscillates between threats and appeasement, sometimes within a few weeks.

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