Russia and Belarus probably before returning to the sport

Timing is everything. On Wednesday, the Russian commander-in-chief announced Wladimir Putin known to get its invasion of Ukraine back on track by partially mobilizing up to 300,000 soldiers for the time being. The course, which may have been forgotten, is for Ukraine to disappear from the map. In addition to the message to his own people, the ruler in the Kremlin also sent a message to the rest of the world not to bluff when he threatens to use nuclear weapons.

On the day that Putin ignited a further escalation of his imperialist policy, the concept of which eight years ago included the role of hosting the world at the Winter Olympics and the doping fraud on the guests who had traveled there, on this day the International Ski Federation FIS also have something to say. Namely: In principle, everything is set up for a return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to skiing.

Maybe in December so that the Russians and Belarusians can be at the World Cup in February. One is still waiting for the signal from the International Olympic Committee, said FIS Secretary General Michel Vion, which is looking for ways to open the doors for the Russians to return. And literally: "Sport should be seen independently of politics."

timing is everything. Perhaps one should thank Michel Vion and the Supreme Commanders of Sport for setting up Russian triumphs on the sporting stage amid all the reports of Russian war crimes, murder and torture. Because if we understood Putin correctly, that is, everything is going smoothly with his plans, then the time window for joint competitions between Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian athletes is very limited. And is the Ukraine then once disappeared from the map, the warlord no longer has to let his ski jumpers hop off the ramparts as doves of peace.

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