Ruhpolding: Austrians help with electricity problems in night action – sport

Thanks to Austrian support, the people in Ruhpolding got their electricity problems under control overnight – even if questions remain unanswered. When the race can be started, the German women run behind.

They came in a dark hour of this proud World Cup location Ruhpolding. And they came with heavy equipment. According to reports, a not inconsiderable number of people were hopefully received in the darkness and worked through the following night. The goal of the workers: to secure the power supply in Ruhpolding. Or better: restore.

days before the Ruhpoldingers lost power in the middle of the men’s biathlon singles. Something like that can happen, but of course nobody thought it was ideal. And so the people of Ruhpolding and their local electricity supplier received support, including from their neighbors Austria, who provided two generators and had them carted to Ruhpolding. On Thursday afternoon for the women’s singles, the question was not just who would win the race. But also how successful the nightly intervention, including help from the neighborhood, was.

In terms of sport, neither the Austrians nor the Germans had a lot to say on the second day of the Ruhpolding Biathlon Festival, but the athletes from Italy and France all the more. Lisa Vittozzi secured the victory ahead of Lou Jeanmonnot, both showed flawless performances. The second best French Julia Simon (1 mistake) finished third, followed by the second best Italian Dorothea Wierer (1). The resident of Ruhpolding, Denise Herrmann-Wick, let her skis glide rapidly over the artificial snow loop as usual, but made three mistakes at the shooting range and ended up in 15th place. Vanessa Voigt (2) was eleventh as the best German.

The atmosphere in the fully occupied ranks was strongly reminiscent of the pre-pandemic ecstasy on the first two days

“I’m quite happy with my race, of course there are still little things that make the difference between the top 15 and the top ten,” said Voigt after crossing the finish line. Herrmann-Wick struggled with her precision: “Three mistakes are not bad, but not good enough to be at the top.” However, she found words of praise for the work of the Ruhpoldinger Loipenbauer, who apparently succeeded in creating a work of art under unprecedented conditions: “The track is really in top condition, you can let the skis run properly there.”

The biathlon fans were little or not at all impressed by all the hustle and bustle about the lack of snow and electricity. Equipped with bells and flags, they flocked to the edge of the track and into the Chiemgau Arena from all parts of Europe. On the first two days, the atmosphere in the fully occupied stands was strongly reminiscent of the pre-pandemic ecstasy, which can be found here as reliably as the cream puffs in the famous Café Windbag Countess.

However, they had the power supply under control again on Thursday, according to the organizers, there was a mishap because the emergency power batteries had not switched on after the power failure. The organizer was not able to give any clear information on Thursday as to why all this happened. According to reports, the trace may lead to the power supply of the broadcasting TV station ARD. Its technicians were also involved in the nightly energy performance.

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